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    Ventec to Strengthen Global Supply Chain and Logistics with New Factory in Southeast Asia

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    Ventec International Group Co., Ltd. has announced plans to open a new manufacturing facility in Southeast Asia by 2025/26 to extend its manufacturing capabilities beyond China and Taiwan and enhance global supply chain resiliency.

    Ventec’s wholly owned supply chain is unique among PCB materials suppliers and ensures unrivalled control over production quality and delivery performance to its global high-tech customer base. The new factory will duplicate manufacturing capability for Ventec’s full range of high-reliability and high performance products and thus mitigate supply chain risks for PCB manufacturers, OEMs and EMSs across all regions by adding geographical diversity to the Company’s operations.

    “Now is the right time to invest in establishing a local manufacturing presence to support the expanding southeast Asian electronics industry, which is experiencing significant growth across consumer, industrial, and automotive sectors,” said Jason Chung, CEO of Ventec. “Moreover, this new factory will enhance our global supply chain security promise to our global PCB and OEM customer base as we plan to manufacture the complete portfolio of advanced high-reliability and high-performance materials.”

    Ventec’s range of laminates and prepregs include product lines optimized for superior signal integrity and high-speed digital applications, RF and analog circuits, thermally enhanced materials including insulated metal substrate (IMS) technology, and an advanced range of thermal management solutions. The company serves customers across the globe, active in industries including automotive, communication, aerospace, and defense. Further information about Ventec’s solutions and the company’s wide variety of products is available at www.venteclaminates.com.