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    ViE Technologies Unveils Its New Technological Innovative Solutions – Introducing VisionXpert and The Cutting-Edge Industrial Smart Code Reader Solutions


    ViE Technologies proudly introduces VisionXpert Solutions, featuring the Smart Code Readers (XS-Series) — an unrivalled smart code reader solution set to redefine standards in industrial code reading. ViE officially launches the VisionXpert Solution in conjunction with ViTrox’s Industry 4.0 Manufacturing Intelligence Solutions – V-ONE Mars launching event on the 1st of February 2024. This marks a significant milestone in our commitment to pushing the boundaries of vision technology.

    The VisionXpert Smart Code Readers Solution (XS Series) transcends traditional code reading methods of 2D codes and barcodes, offering a transformative all-in-one solution tailored for dynamic needs and even in the most challenging environments. With a focus on delivering superior performance, the Smart Code Readers XS Series delivers a host of features tailored to elevate your operations:

    1. HIGH-SPEED AND HIGH ACCURACY CODE IMAGES ACQUISITION: Elevate operational efficiency with rapid and precise code image acquisition, setting a new benchmark in code reading applications.
    2. COMPACT OUTLOOK AND FLEXIBLE ADAPTATION: The VisionXpert Solution, with its compact design, seamlessly adapts to various mounting environments, providing unparalleled versatility for integration into diverse industrial setups.
    3. DESIGNED FOR RESILIENCE AND RELIABILITY: Engineered to excel in challenging industrial application environments, the VisionXpert Solution prioritizes resilience and reliability, ensuring consistent performance in demanding conditions.
    4. BUILT-IN ADVANCED DEEP LEARNING CODE READING ALGORITHM: Equipped with a sophisticated deep learning code reading algorithm, the VisionXpert Solution delivers optimal performance, enhancing the accuracy and speed of code recognition for a wide range of applications.

    As we unveil this technological innovation, ViE Technologies is excited to announce that the VisionXpert solution is just the beginning. Stay connected for upcoming releases, where we will unveil more thrilling features of our solution designed to propel your business and manufacturing process into unprecedented heights of efficiency.

    Besides that, we invite you to explore the VisionXpert solutions on our dedicated website <www.vision-xpert.com> to discover more about the transformative capabilities of the VisionXpert Solution. Regular updates will be available on the website, allowing you to delve deeper into the full potential of VisionXpert in addressing your specific industrial needs.

    ViE Technologies is committed to continuous technological advancement and innovation. For in- depth information about VisionXpert solutions and to explore how our cutting-edge technology can elevate your business, contact our business development experts at askxpert@vision- xpert.com. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to provide detailed insights into the transformative capabilities of the VisionXpert Product Line.