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    Visedo Strengthens its Management Team and Invests in International Growth


    Visedo Oy has just secured additional financing of EUR 20 million and is strengthening its Management Team with experienced and competent members. Tarja Järvinen has been appointed the company’s CFO. She will assume her new position on 1 January 2017. Järvinen joins Visedo from the position of CFO in Koskinen Group, an international mechanical forest industry company, and will be an important addition to the company’s management, thanks to her long experience and strong competence in strategic financial management, financing, HR and ICT functions. Järvinen has previously held similar positions in the ICT and retail trade sectors. At Visedo, Järvinen will be responsible for financial management, financing, HR and ICT as well as corporate governance and legal matters. Järvinen will also act as the secretary of the Board of Directors.


    Järvinen says that she is excited about her new job and her return to the realm of technology. “I can see that Visedo has great potential to develop into a leading actor in its field. I find it very interesting to build the company together with other top professionals. Corporate responsibility and sustainability have been an element of my work for a long time, and I also consider these values important on a personal level which is why it will be great to be part of a company whose products support them. I see the role of CFO at Visedo as an important enabler of growth and provided of support.”


    Visedo is aiming to become the market leader in its field and is challenging international competitors with its successful technologies. To keep up with the competition, the company has invited Nina Harjula to join its management team as Chief Marketing Officer.

    Harjula was the CEO of Nordic Innovation Accelerator Oy established by her and she is now becoming the Senior Partner of NIA’s chief shareholder Green Campus Innovations Oy and the chair of NIA Oy’s board of directors. Harjula will also continue to act as a board member of Global Cleantech Cluster Association (GCCA), the international federation of Cleantech companies. Harjula is one of the pioneers of Cleantech business development in Finland and also one of the founders of the GCCA. With the appointment of Harjula, Visedo significantly increases its international relationships to major businesses and financiers in the industry. Harjula has extensive experience of digital media and marketing before moving to the Cleantech industry.


    Harjula says she is now realizing her dream. “After a long career in marketing, I joined the Cleantech industry in 2009 as the odd one out amongst the engineers, chemists, and other such specialists. I have systematically built an international network of relationships in belief that my expertise is valuable in increasing the appreciation and market potential of the field. I have been privileged to be able to view the industry from a wide angle when acting as the head of the Cleantech Venture Day investor event and later in developing the Nordic Innovation Accelerator concept together with the GCCA. It is great to be involved in one of the most interesting growth enterprises in the field and to give it wings. Visedo has all the potential to become an international brand and that is the story we wish to build” Harjula says. “This simply was an offer I could not refuse”, Harjula states.


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    Kimmo Rauma, CEO, Visedo Oy
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    Nina Harjula, CMO, Visedo Oy

    Tel. +358 50 5180 915

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    The Finnish Cleantech company Visedo was established in 2009, specializing in electrical power lines and components for heavy mobile equipment, commercial vehicles, and the shipping industry. The company’s power lines are suitable for both hybrid and electrical systems with a performance range of 30–2 000 kW. The company’s head office is located in Lappeenranta, Finland, and the company has a subsidiary in the Netherlands. Visedo has a wide international customer base and 90 percent of sales consists of export to Europe and Asia.