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    ViTrox Kick off 2022 with User Group Meeting (UGM) in Mexico

    For UGM PR 1_as of 21 Apr 2022

    PENANG, MALAYSIA – APRIL 2022 ViTrox Technologies, the most trusted vision inspection
    solutions provider to the PCBA SMT Assembly and Semiconductor industry, is pleased to
    announce that we will be conducting the User Group Meeting (UGM) 2022 in Mexico on 12 May
    2022 from 1:30 PM – 7:00 PM (CST) at Guadalajara, Mexico.
    With the heart to remain the aspiration of being the most trusted technology company, ViTrox
    aims to provide top-notch quality service and support worldwide customers. We are delighted to
    announce that ViTrox is partnering with SMTo Engineering, ViTrox’s Sales Channel Partner
    (SCP), to host the upcoming UGM 2022 in Guadalajara, Mexico. Besides, the UGM is the
    communication platform for our SCPs to network and exchange exciting user experiences to
    further strengthens the skills to provide the best service support to our customers.
    The main theme of UGM 2022 Mexico is to showcase our Smart One-stop Solutions covering
    Advanced 3D Solder Paste Inspection (API) System, Advanced 3D Optical Inspection (AOI)
    System, Advanced 3D X-Ray Inspection (AXI) System, Advanced Robotic Vision (ARV) System
    and Industry 4.0 Smart Solution V-ONE
    . During UGM, we will demonstrate the Smart One-stop
    Solutions to our audience how our Solutions can enhance your production to a whole new level
    with optimal production efficiency and high throughput. Besides, the audience can also get the
    latest information from our exclusive market technology sharing sessions.

    Beyond that, we also have another good news for our worldwide customers. As we are
    expanding our market presence in Mexico, we are thrilled to announce that ViTrox and SMTo
    will be adding a new demo room in Tijuana, Mexico. The new demo room will have the whole
    SMT line solution ready to demo for our customers in the Tijuana region. Stay tuned for our new
    demo room, which we will be launching the soft opening in June 2022.
    While the pandemic has created challenges for the global economy, we are optimistic about
    having our international team of Sales Channel Partners (SCP). With over 20 years of robust
    sales and technical experience in the PCB SMT assembly industry, SMTo Engineering (SMTo)
    and its group of elites provide high-quality consulting and support services in the electronics
    manufacturing market in Mexico. We are grateful to partner with SMTo, and we are delighted to
    set another record high sales revenue in Mexico in 2021.
    Stay tuned for more exciting information at ViTrox. For sales, service and support in Mexico, we
    highly encourage you to reach out to our SCP SMTo ([email protected]), Alejandro Olivar
    ([email protected]) or ViTrox expert Ken ([email protected]).