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    Witness Our Revolutionary Turnkey SMT Inspection Solutions at the IPC APEX EXPO 2023!


    ViTrox aims to be the World’s Most Trusted Technology Company in providing innovative, advanced, and cost-effective automated Machine Vision Inspection Solutions for the semiconductor and electronics packaging industries.

    We are proud to announce our participation at the IPC APEX Expo 2023!

    The event is scheduled to take place at the San Diego Convention Center, California, from 24 to 26 January 2023. We would like to invite you to visit our booth (#1413) to discover the full-line showcase of ViTrox SMT Inspection Solutions, ranging from V310i Advanced 3D Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) Solution, V510i Advanced 3D Optical Inspection (AOI) Solution, V810i Advanced 3D X-Ray Inspection (AXI) Solution, V9i Advanced Robotic Vision (ARV) Solution, and of course, our Industry 4.0 Manufacturing Intelligence Solutions – V-ONE.

    The V310i 3D SPI is the key to ensuring SMT product quality, providing effortless programming while achieving excellent repeatability and accurate inspection results. The SPI can be easily implemented on any PCBA line as we offer different models to suit different board sizes. In addition, our V310i 3D SPI is equipped with Ultra Smart A.I. programming, allowing users to access stencil Gerber files and begin inspection immediately without the need for manual parameter setup and adjustment. These next-generation systems are intuitive to use and allow an inexperienced user to get the expected results. Read more about our V310i 3D SPI Solution here.

    Next in our line-up will be the V510i 3D AOI solution, which is well-implemented with in-depth Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Smart Technologies. With A.I. Smart Programming, our AOI could assist to achieve a reduction in human dependency, rapidly improving the programming speed, and guaranteeing quality, accuracy, and consistency during inspections – catered especially for various production environments. Therefore, users will enjoy up to 80% programming time reduction, ultimately achieving a higher yield with lower operating costs. A piece of great news to be shared with the public is that our V510i 3D AOI has successfully qualified for the IPC-CFX-2591 Qualified Products Listing (QPL) and has received the mandatory IPC-CFX messages for classification. Read more about our V510i 3D AOI Solution here.

    The third solution will be our V810i S3 AXI Solution, which has been designed with an ergonomic style by eliminating the location of external servers at the system’s exterior to save up production floor space. Additionally, with the new machine geometry design and scanning method, inspection speed has been improved by up to 30%! The V810i S3 AXI is also equipped with machine Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that will aid engineers in troubleshooting systems easily and performing preventive maintenance actions to minimise production downtime. Furthermore, the V810i S3 AXI solution integrates artificial intelligence (A.I.) capabilities to expand the opportunity for AXI inspection, enabling our unique A.I. inspection model to detect defects of specific joint types and further improve inspection accuracy. To top this all off, our V810i AXI has also passed the qualification audit for IPC-CFX-2591 Qualified Products Listing (QPL) and received the mandatory IPC-CFX messages for classification! Read more about our V810i S3 AXI Solution here.

    Apart from that, we will also be showcasing our award-winning V9i Advanced Robotic Vision (ARV) Solution, which is designed for flexible inspection that aims to automate manual inspection tasks, particularly for conformal coating inspections and final assembly inspections. Distinctively designed with a 6-axis COBOT, our solutions allow adjustable angle inspections with capabilities up to 90°, guaranteeing convenience and minimising human judgment errors. With its Advanced smart learning algorithm, V9i ARV’s system programming does not require any CAD information and it is able to detect conformal coating defects such as coating insufficiency, the appearance of bubbles, coating splashes on the component body, etc. It also checks the screw defects, cosmetic defects, connector pins, label defects and etc that commonly detect in the final assembly process. Other than that, the solutions provide better traceability in the back-end assembly process compared to human manual inspection. Read more about our V9i ARV Solution here.

    We will also be showcasing our Industry 4.0 Manufacturing Intelligence Solutions – V-ONE, a Smart Manufacturing necessity that ensures connectivity within the production line, accurate visualisation of data analytics and adept reactivity in Machine-2-Machine (M2M) production.
    Designed with customisable, flexible drill-down charts and dashboards that optimise production efficiency with insightful real-time information and A.I. prediction, implementing V-ONE allows stakeholders to exceedingly optimise production through insightful analytics on a real-time basis. Meanwhile, alert triggering, one of V-ONE’s main features, will automatically alert stakeholders of any production abnormalities, thus allowing immediate issue-resolving to minimise production interruptions. With V-ONE, anyone can monitor the production status anytime, anywhere. Read more about our Industry 4.0 Manufacturing Intelligence Solutions – V- ONE here.

    Do not miss out on this annual opportunity to meet and network with us at the IPC APEX Expo! ViTrox’s on-site experts will ensure that all your questions are answered and that you will have an amazing visitation experience at our booth. We highly recommend that you schedule a meeting via this appointment form so that our on-site experts will better understand your challenges and provide beneficial solutions for you. For more information, contact us via [email protected]. We hope to see you soon!