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    Würth Elektronik expands its portfolio in the field of FPC connectors.

    Invaluable for Ribbon Cable

    Reliable retention for ribbon cables and flexible PCBs: “WR-FPC 1.00 mm SMT ZIF Horizontal Back Locking Dual Contact” and “WR-FPC 0.50 mm SMT LIF Horizontal Dual Contact”. Both share a high level of protection against wear and loosening of the connection with their dual contact and securing points. The latter is of particular interest for slender connectors used with 0.5 mm pitch cables, which secures according to the LIF principle (Low Insertion Force) without locking—only with the spring tension of the contact.

    WR-FPC 0.5 mm LIF is available in versions with 6 to 24 pins, WR-FPC 1.00 mm ZIF with 4 to 22 pins. A special feature of the space-saving ZIF (Zero Insertion Force) connector is the locking mechanism on the back. This is a very popular solution, as there is no need to work with a lock on the cable side.

    Both connectors are intended for automatic surface assembly. Additional solder pads are provided to make the small LIF connector for 0.5 mm pitch applications more mechanically secure on the PCB.

    Würth Elektronik now offers these and many other ribbon cable solutions from stock, also in small quantities. Free samples can be requested.