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    ZESTRON South Asia to host Free Cleaning Webinar: ‘Critical Cleaning Requirements To Overcome Advanced Packaging Defluxing Challenges‘


    Zestron South Asia is pleased to announce that it will host “Critical Cleaning Requirements to Overcome Advanced Packaging Defluxing Challenges” free webinar on 31 st March Friday, from 3:00 PM to 3:45 PM (MYS Time, GMT +8). This is the 1st instalment of the ZESTRON Academy 2023 Cleaning Webinar Series, and will be presented by our industry expert, Mr. Yeoh Guan Tatt, Senior Application Engineer at ZESTRON South Asia.

    The development of the packages such as SiP, fcBGA, PoP, 2.5D, etc. which utilizes multiple or larger die sizes, increased bump counts, lower standoff height and a large variety of components on the packages have reduced the effectiveness of cleaning. The flux residues after soldering pose a cleaning challenge, especially underneath these extremely low-profile components. Partially removed or untouched residues can lead to reliability failures as consequences of electrochemical migration and dendrite growth as well as electrical leakage currents. Effective cleaning improves product reliability by ensuring optimal condition for subsequent processes, such as wire bonding, underfill and molding. This presentation discusses the breakthrough in cleaning challenges for advanced packaging, especially when addressing factors like high density assemblies, latest flux formulation and low standoff heights.

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