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    ZESTRON South Asia to host Free Cleaning Webinar: ‘How To Select An Approriate Cleaning System and Process?’


    Zestron South Asia is pleased to announce that it will host “How to select an appropriate cleaning system and process?” free webinar on 23rd September Friday, from 3:00 PM to 3:45 PM (MYS Time, GMT +8). This is the third instalment of the ZESTRON Academy 2022 Cleaning Webinar Series, and will be presented by our industry expert, Mr. Yeoh Guan Tatt, Senior Application Engineer at ZESTRON South Asia.

    Webinar Abstract:
    Many electronic products are moving towards the trend of intelligence and miniaturization. Higher component integration has led to new challenges in product reliability, which requires higher cleaning standards. While the electronics cleaning process is not commonly employed, as a consequence the relevant knowledge and experience in the field is still lacking. This webinar analyzes the key factors to be considered prior to setting up cleaning process. To register for this webinar, please click: Register for free webinar